Saturday, December 17, 2011

Race #10 of the Season: Mile High United Way Turkey Trot

It's near Christmas, but I have to write about a race that we did on Thanksgiving.

For the fourth year in a row (well, my fourth; this was brandon's third year), we decided to run the Mile High United Way Turkey Trot. As we hadn't been doing too well on the workout front, we went into this race with no expectations and only one goal - be faster than our first year (48:26) doing the race.

That goal? Was met.

Anyway, race morning was fairly laid back, since we had the aforementioned lack of expectations. Which was nice ... because after we got to Wash Park and got registered, we decided to make a leaf pile out of the giant leaf carpet that was on the hill near my car. And then, naturally, jump!

Turkey Trot
Leaf jump!

Turkey Trot
Brandon diving head first.

Turkey Trot
Before taking off the t-shirts and running.

After putting away the camera, it was time to go run. Like last year, they had the corrals for the start time and we hopped in Corral 2 (just like I did last year).

Despite all the walkers in our wave (who should have been at least a corral, if not two back), we were able to head off on a decent clip for the first mile. It was slow-ish, but it felt good to move. That's really what the whole race held.

Like the Denver half, I still feel the strength in my legs - I just don't have the cardiovascular endurance to match. As a result, we had to walk right around the three mile point.

Still, for not doing too much training, I was pretty satisfied with the time. It's about my off-season average (or early-season average) of craptasticness, so at least it was a familiarity.

Time: 41:23 (10:21/mi pace)
Overall Place/Total: 3099/7379*
Sex Place/Total: 1368/4162
Division Place/Total: 271/617 (F25-29)

After the race, it was off to home to pack**, shower and cook some for a delicious Thanksgiving dinner.

*See? BIIIIIIG race. Warmer weather probably helped with the mass amounts of people, too.
** We moved! Our own apartment! YAY!

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