Saturday, November 5, 2011

The excuses have to stop

As you have read in my two previous race recaps, I went into those races unprepared. Considering I achieved the biggest event of my life (getting married) I think it's a fair excuse. However, our wedding day was nearly a month ago, and I still haven't really got back in the groove of working out. I realize it's tough to get back into it after slacking for so long, but seriously, this is getting out of control. Keep in mind, I'm speaking purely for me, and not the other half of TBD.

When I lost about 30 lbs, I vowed to never go back to the life of slovenly hell. After all, that slovenly hell was over the course of 6 years of eating college crap food, drinking a ridiculous amount of alcohol, and the only exercise was playing hockey.

Our 70.3, which was clearly the culmination of our racing career up to this point, was nearly 3 months ago. Since then, my working out has been nothing short of absolutely awful. Combine that with a diet that has been mediocre to flat out terrible, you get what I am feeling today: sluggish, slow, and no longer like the athlete that crossed the finish line of Boulder 70.3 last year. When I look in the mirror, I see my muscles have dwindled, my stomach, which was built pretty solid by the end of summer is becoming a gut.

I know I'm painting this like someone who has lost everything he has gained, which I know is not the case. Realistically, I know it will just take some solid back on the horseness to get back into tip-top shape. We have a 4 mile Turkey Trot run coming up on Thanksgiving, which I really want to do well in. Here's the big thing we have coming up: we want to do the Chilly Cheeks Duathlon. However, given my recent race history, I cannot go into this race without some training under my belt. I am not coming out like I was for the Denver 1/2: battered, bruised, and disappointed. So the time to put up or shut up has come. It's easy to talk about how I want to do well; it's harder to actually man up and do so. So I need all of my readers out there to hold me accountable. Check up on me. Pressure me. Ask me if I've been to the gym or hopped on my bike. Without a system of accountability, I don't have a shot of regaining what I've lost, and at that point, Ironman Arizona will continue to just be a dream.

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  1. I believe I made a comment to you a few post's ago about this. I hope you can do better. Consistency is everything. Maybe you can work the pedals in the plane like a stairmaster? Just announce a little turbulence ahead :-)

    Good luck, buddy!