Friday, July 8, 2011

Race #4 of the Season: Undy Run 5000

Remember; I'm catching up on blog posts. If you haven't yet read my 5430 Sprint Tri recap; scroll down! It's just below this one.

A couple years ago, my friend Claire and her mom Sue had a friend of theirs, Parker, die from cancer. Over the years, they've both participated in and organized a few events for him. I've tagged along on a few of these, even though I never met Parker; I did it in support of my friend.

Last year, Claire and Sue organized a team to walk in the Undy Run 5000 (for colorectal cancer). Due to work obligations, I wasn't able to participate. This year, I was. And since I'm not the type to enter to walk a 5K, I joined their team as a runner. (duh.)

In terms of a race, there's really not much to say here. I used it as a tempo run and was freaking out about making the 8:30 start time as Claire and Sue didn't show up to City Park until about 8:15.

Still, all was good and I got to run on time.

Race itself was ... meh. I've done a few races around City Park and I'm really realizing I hate running there. The park itself is flat, but there are some deceptively sucky inclines. That, and every race I've run there has been hot. This one was hot and humid. Peachy.

I was checking my watch at the mile markers for shits and giggles; mile one was a 9:13; mile two read 18:something and since I kinda fell apart in mile three-point-one, I finished probably not as well as I could have, but still under 30:00.

Race Details:
Time: 29:36
Pace: 9:31.64/mi
Overall: 172/875
Sex Place: 68/600
Division Place: 30/134 F2029

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