Saturday, July 9, 2011

June Round-Up

Remember, I'm still in catch-up mode! 5430 Sprint Tri and Undy Run 5000 recaps are below!

Yes, I'm SO SO SO late with all of this. Obviously, because I'm catching up on everything. Life has gotten away from me and I need to get back reorganized. It'll make me happy.

Anyway, June was good in some ways and bad in some ways. It held the first tri of the season (that went pretty well, considering we were training through it), another 5K, more swimming, my highest-ever total in cycling ... I'll let the numbers speak for themselves.

Running: 34.53 miles (average went up about 12 seconds/mile)
Swimming: 3.4 miles (average went up about three minutes/mile)
Cycling (outside): 130.34 miles (average went up about 1.5 mph)(woo!)
Cycling (trainer): 0 miles (screw you, skippy)
Lifting: seven sessions. Missed one.
Other: nothing, unless you include an ass-ton of walking when we were in Las Vegas at the end of the month

All in all, not a bad month. I got a lot slower in a lot of ways (not sure what's going on with running and swimming, well, that just sucks right now), but I'm extremely happy I'm getting in the bike miles. That was a huge weak point last year and I'm trying to remedy it; and I'm glad the numbers are showing it.

July is pretty much the peak training month for IM Boulder 70.3, so the numbers should be massive. I can't wait.

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