Friday, March 25, 2011

Sick, Not Lazy

... which is why I can justify the ever-growing number of off days in my workout log.

So I usually don't get sick. I used to, about once a winter in January. I'd get what I'd affectionately call the "sickness of death," it'd knock me out for about a week, and I'd be good to go the rest of the year.

However, I haven't gotten said sickness since January '06.


This year, I thought it came back a bit later in February in the form of a cold.

That turned into a sinus infection.

That has now, in turn, turned into bronchitis.


Obviously you can tell I'm thrilled. After I was finished with my meds for the sinus infection, I was better for about a week. Brandon and I went out to Minnesota for the Final Five, life was good (except for the fact that i still wasn't getting good sleep, eating well or finding time to work out). Then, couple all of the parenthetical information with driving in a car straight home (so 12.5ish hours) and, well, I apparently got sick again.

Luckily, the medication I'm now on only includes five days' worth of pills. Five days and I should be better. Five days to hopefully find out that it's not something worse. I've got another trip to Minnesota pending in nine days and perhaps a 5K to b.s. my way through in two weeks. Plus Boulder training.

It's time to get better, damnit.

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