Wednesday, November 3, 2010

October Round-Up

October was a good month, but it may also turn out to be a bad month. Read on to find out ...

October's theme was "keep on keepin' on," primarily in terms of half-marathon training. In terms of running, that was a definite success. I kept on with my three runs a week, just racking up the mileage. I didn't cross-train nearly as much as I would have liked, though I did do a bit more than I did in September.

I want to keep this part short, so onward to numbers!:

Running: 83.77 miles (average went up about 5 seconds/mile ... though i blame the last two runs of the month for that)(highest month's total by a whole hell of a lot)
Swimming: 1.37 miles (average went down about a minute/mile)(also did 750m crawl work ... it's progressing. slowly. i need help here)
Cycling: 14.57 miles (average mph stayed about the same)
Lifting: seven sessions
Other: pile o' fail again

The biggest thing to notice there is the run total. 83.77 miles. That surpassed my previous high by damn near 36 miles. That's just crazy.

While the mileage was all well and good, Brandon and I were discussing if, just maybe, we did a bit too much. Both of our bodies are sore and we're starting to feel a bit rundown. Our last long run (with the soon-to-be longest run ever of 12 mi) is next week and it is not even funny how much we're both looking to not only taper, but the offseason.

My guess is part of my problem is I haven't been cross-training enough. Three swims and two cycles to go along with 13 runs ... not quite enough. It's just been tougher to get that other stuff in right now because the running is such the focus. There have been a few times I've skipped a scheduled swim or cycle due to, well, life getting in the way and my justification is that it's okay because it's Not a Run and that keeping up with The Running is the most important part.

However, my body may not be agreeing with that. Still, all I'm asking it to do is get through one more month. One more month until Vegas and I'm going to let my body take a break. Not quit, mind you, but rest. Spend more time in the pool. Cut down on the mileage. Spend more time in the weight room. Buy a trainer and spend time getting acquainted with that.

All it needs to do is get through one more month. Which, aptly, is why November's theme is "stay the course" ... because we both need to stay focused and not let the fatigue get to us.

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