Thursday, November 4, 2010

October Recap

As T said, October's theme was "keep on keepin on". We definitely were "keepin on" as our running was ridiculous. The amount of times I ran, combined with my times, were shocking. However, I think we may have overdone it a bit...more on that in a minute.

Here's the totals:

Running - 84.77 miles
Swimming - 1.12 miles + some drills that didn't get measured
Cycling - 12.26 miles
Lifting - 7 sessions
Off days - 4

Those numbers are impressive to the untrained eye, yes. But there's not enough cross-training going on, and like T mentioned, we may have peaked too early. Maybe too much mileage in the month of October. I know both she and I are slightly broken down and both longing for Vegas to be done; on the other hand, neither she or I have ever trained for a 1/2 marathon, so maybe this is how it feels and it's up to us to break down that wall? I don't know. Regardless, November is off to a decent start; I'm going for a 9 miler tomorrow in Toronto. Weather is supposed to suck, but it's time to man up, right?

Thanks to all our supporters out there. :-)


  1. If you can do a nine miler, there will be no problem with the half. When I was running half marathons my training was at least 70 miles a week. But then I had no life :-)

  2. What you are doing looks just fine to me--your mileage total for this month is still much higher than my highest month of training.
    Also, this is your first, and you are just learning how to do this--what works for you, what doesn't, all that.
    In my eyes, you're doing great. Keep it up!