Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Training in Tucson

I've been hoping on pulling off a Tucson training camp for B and I for a few years now. We were kind of hoping for one in May, but logistically, it wasn't going to work out. 

(I maybe might be going to a paid camp in August, but that's not 100% sure yet.)

Since we wanted a vacation anyway, and Tucson needed to be a thing for both of us, we went down last week and obviously brought bikes and things to get a bit of training in.

It wasn't heavy - a bike, a trail run, and a hike - but it was good. The trail running also taught us that we have some work ahead of us before Pikes Peak Ascent.

 photo 4-5ride_zpso0iahdfu.jpg
On the Tucson loop trail.

 photo 4-5ride2_zpsrgkjehfd.jpg
Bike selfie. (SMASH kit, obvi.)

 photo 4-6hike_zpsoktxsshw.jpg
On our trail run on the Phoneline Trail in Sabino Canyon.

 photo 4-6hike2_zpslfzktkbu.jpg
"This shit is hard." Rocking all the Skirt (plus SMASH socks).

 photo 4-7snp7_zpsqn6nbsyp.jpg
Next to a saguaro in Saguaro National Park. SMASH tee and Lioness skirt.

We didn't bother with swim stuff because Brandon has been doing PT for a shoulder issue and wasn't cleared to swim at the time of the trip and I didn't much care about trying to figure it out logistically (things you don't bother with when you're not on a swim streak ...).

We didn't get in quite as much training as we'd hoped, but all in all, it was a nice little trip with some wonderful time in the sunshine. As well as a stop at SMASH HQ to buy stuff and talk with Hillary, because of course.

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