Thursday, April 6, 2017

March Round-Up

March, I'll say right now, numbers-wise, was a disaster. Read on ...

Swimming: 3100m (1.93 mi)
Cycling: 45.83 mi
Running: 15.61 mi
Lifting: five sessions (2:16)
Other: one barre session (:35), three walks (3:57), four yoga sessions (:54)

Back in February's recap, I said that March might be a down month, and I was apparently definitely not kidding. I obviously didn't plan on it being this down, buuuuut ... life is a bitch sometimes.

There's a possibility the swim streak ended up killing me mentally; I had this huge goal and I hit it and without anything else on the horizon ... I think I came out of it with a letdown. I may have spent so much mental energy getting that streak completed (which I did, yay) that I needed a mental break.

So I took one. And it lasted most of the month.

The other thing that didn't help was that Brandon got injured. We're not sure it was swimming or work or yard work (killing this spiky bush of doom in the backyard), but he strained his rotator cuff and has been doing PT on it for most of the month. Since he really hasn't been able to train when he's home, it's been hard for me to go do it without him. We'd been training separately some throughout the first few months, but we were doing it at the same time. This is a poor excuse and I should have just gone anyway, but brain chemistry is a funky, fucked up thing.

I have stubbornly planned out April, although it's definitely not as structured as the first few months were and has a lot more flexibility. Hopefully it works ...

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