Friday, August 5, 2016

July Round-Up

July ... was an odd month. I'm a little frustrated with how this month ended up, but it is what it is, right?

Swimming: 22800m (14.17 mi)
Cycling: 292.17 mi
Running: 59.44 mi
Lifting: three sessions (:19)
Other: five stretch sessions (:50), two walks (2:40), one yoga session (:10)

This month should have had a lot more to it. I'll admit it, I bagged/cut short quite a few sessions. I missed a race due to fire (Boulder Peak; fire in Nederland meant emergency personnel needed to be there, not babysitting athletes; totally correct decision). 

I didn't miss too many swims, but that number still should have been closer to 30000m. I should have had well over 300 miles, if not close to 400, but that didn't happen. Running actually was about normal - maybe another 10 or so miles, but not much more. I needed to get new running shoes - had to cut a long run a bit short due to my poor feet - and I did manage that.

Strength ... is what it is around this time training for an Ironman. I did, however, slack on some of my stretching/yoga/recovery stuff, and that is NOT acceptable. Giant fail on my part there.

I also experienced a lot of sympathy stress with Brandon. I'll let him talk about all that if he so chooses, but he's been going through a stressful time and I've been trying to help share that burden as much as possible. 

So, should this month have been bigger? Absolutely it should have. However, I also listened to my body, too, and I think it wanted to taper sooner than Corie and I wanted it to. I just fervently hope I didn't screw myself over for Sunday ...

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