Tuesday, July 5, 2016

June Round-Up

A mini vacation and then the usual anxiety that hits me this time of year means I got behind on catching up. Figures. So, this, and then FINALLY my Skirt weekend blogs that I've been needing to get up!

June wasn't horrible. I mean, it was a bit of a down month from May in terms of mileage, but I also pretty much took the last week of the month off. If I hadn't, I most likely would have surpassed all numbers from May except for running. May was a heavier run month due to the half I ran.

Anyway, onward:

Swimming: 17276.77m (10.7 mi)
Cycling: 263.73 mi
Running: 53.64 mi
Lifting: eight sessions (:47)
Other: one hike (1:15), two stretch sessions (:20), two yoga sessions (:21)

I'd been having a tendency to skip swims which is HORRIBLE for me since I really need to make sure my swim game is strong this year. So, I finally asked Corie to schedule me for four swims a week; that way, if I skip one (or, god forbid, two), I at least get two to three in instead of one or, um, none. It helped.

Truth be told, I should have had more cycling miles regardless of the week off. We cut a few of our rides short due to heat/wind/bad management. Still decent time, but distance wasn't as good. A four hour ride that turned into three. A five hour ride that turned into four. Still decent, but not what was needed/scheduled. Stuff like that. The improvement over 2013's IMAZ training is that instead of cutting what would probably end up being a three hour ride into 45 minutes, we're still getting in good chunks of time, but we need to not be cutting things in the first place.

As for running ... I actually didn't cut too many runs for a change. There were one or two, but for the most part, I stuck to my run schedule. I'm not getting in as much mileage as '13 - partially because I have more prescribed runs that are having me run slower - but if it ends up preventing the early run taper I had to deal with that time around ... I'm totally okay with it.

I do need to do a lot more injury prevention stuff (stretching, yoga, etc.), especially as peak training ramps up. On the aforementioned mini vacation, we did get massages so I know that will help (and my shoulders are a tiny bit less cranky) and we may be considering adding in a few more in the coming weeks.

July ... better be huge or Boulder is going to be a shitshow ...

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