Saturday, January 30, 2016

Race #1 of the Season: Chilly Cheeks Duathlon #2

You get so wrapped in the process of training, that you forget about blogging. This is what happens when I don't make blogging a priority. Fail.

Anyway, this was way back on January 16th. We'd been obsessively watching the forecast to see if it would be snowy or clear or what. Both Brandon and I were really hoping to ride.

Race morning rolls around and it's cold as hell (19!), but roads were dry. Good enough. We can handle that.

A lot of our friends thought we were crazy to be racing, but it's Colorado, and there were still a ton of people there that day.

Fairly full transition.

Most of our warm-up was literally hopping around trying to stay warm. I over-dressed for the first run so I would save time in transition to the bike knowing I wouldn't have to add layers for the bike.

Run #1:

The first run was 1.25 miles and I kind of just went out. I didn't try to go out that quickly, but as in racing ... it ... just sort of happens. Oops.

Time: 11:43 (12th division, 27th gender, 84th overall)


Throw off hat, change shoes, toss on helmet, try to take bike off rack without taking the whole rack with me ... the usual.

Time: 1:04 (3rd, 10th, 35th)


I got off on the bike and was happy I had my new fancy Garmin 920 as the speed on my cyclometer wasn't working due to the sensor getting shifted in transit. Such is life; it happens. I was a little shocked I headed out in the low 20s - what? I'm going that fast? - but that died soon enough. 

I managed up the stupid hill in Cherry Creek State Park fairly well - think I got out of aero, but it wasn't as horrible as it has been. Going toward the tower loop, I saw Brandon, took note of where he was, and kept a loose eye on the clock to see how far behind him I was. He started four minutes ahead of me, so if I could finish within four minutes of him, I would have the faster time on the day (mini goals). As it turns out, at that point, I was.

As it happens, though, the back course of that bike can suck, especially if a.) you haven't rode it in a while; and b.) you haven't really ridden a hill since October. Heh. Still, rolled in pretty happy that I cranked out the 10.8 mile course in under 40 minutes.

Time: 39:22 (7th, 17th, 67th)


This took me a bit longer as I decided to shed a few layers and things kind of got caught on other things. Stupid winter.

Time: 1:33 (8th, 26th, 71st)

Run #2:

The second run was 2.75 miles (so if you did run loop one and two, you'd do four miles ... for that option). It was definitely a little rougher. It was a lot hillier than the first run and I definitely had more problems catching my breath on the second run. Plus the wind started kicking up and that never makes life easy.

I saw Brandon starting the run as I rolled into transition so I knew there was a chance I'd finish within that four minutes, but I had no idea if I actually would or not ...

Time: 29:27 (11th, 27th, 83rd)

Overall Stats:
Time: 1:23:11
9/14 division (F30-39)
21/48 gender
74/114 overall

The times were a little wacky on site - especially given our splits (damnit! i thought i biked sub-40!), but when we checked at home later, everything was correct. And ... Brandon beat me by a measly 8 seconds, which he got me on the second run. Stupid lungs.

After the first run, I had him by 14 seconds. By 29 seconds after T1. He gained a little bit on the bike; after that, he was up by 4 seconds. I got that back and added an extra 3 seconds in T2. But ... he was 12 seconds faster on the second run and that made all the damn difference. 

Still, great test of early season fitness, and a great indicator to see what coaching is going to do for us.

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