Saturday, January 2, 2016

December and 2015 Round Up

Oh December, in which I essentially gave up and chose to not contribute to the holiday stress by forcing workouts.

Swimming: 0m (0mi)
% to goal: 42.7%
Cycling: 16.53 mi
% to goal: 33.5%
Running: 8.78 mi
% to goal: 54.6%
Lifting: four sessions (1:25)
Other: two yoga sessions (:34)

As for the general 2015 goals ... 

Did I embrace my inner awesome? Um, I'm going to say ... not really, unfortunately. I don't really believe I did. I mean, at times, but not enough. I think I'm the type of person that needs poking and prodding to achieve inner potential.

Did I hit my mileage goals? Ha, no. As you can see above, I did not hit my goals of 250,000m swimming, 5000 mi cycling, and 500 mi running. However, I still did get in some decent mileage. I about doubled what I swam last year, which is a good thing. Cycling was only about 200 miles off my IM year total in 2013, which is nothing to sneeze at. Running ... this was a super down year in running. Not good any which way you slice it.

The idea of two 70.3s in a month to hopefully test our mettle for two 140.6 mile races in two months was technically a failed experiment, as we DNFed both races. I may have a lot of mileage, but I didn't have a lot of quality mileage. That ... makes a difference. Who knew? /sarcasm

Overall, this wasn't a good year if you think about it. I feel very much less than awesome right now. I failed at every single one of my goals, and had my first two career DNFs. It was very, very hard for a very, very long time to not beat myself up over this.

The reason I ultimately didn't (or rather, in my case, stopped)? Because I can't truly know success until I know failure. Because I can't know how far I can go until I know how far I can fall. I fell, and I fell hard. Soul-searchingly hard. All I can do now is crawl out of the giant hole I've built for myself. The difference is, this time I'm not doing it by myself (or just with Brandon). We finally took the leap of faith and are (still kind of attempting to) putting our fates in the hands of someone else more qualified than us. Yep, we're being coached by a fellow MaccaXer and friend, Corie.

I also want to keep trying, and pushing, because if 2015 was a year to find out who I was, then I don't like the answer. I want to rewrite that page, because that output sucked.

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