Thursday, July 2, 2015

June Round-Up

The progress begun in May hath continued in June ... read on:

Swimming: 9100m (5.65 mi)
% to goal: 21%
Cycling: 180.28 mi
% to goal: 16%
Running: 22.51 mi
% to goal: 23%
Lifting: five sessions (1:30)
Other: seven yoga sessions (1:46), one hike (1:15)

I didn't quite get into 5 digits for swimming like I did the first three months of the year, but it took until the last week or so to get into a consistent, two to three times a week swim routine. I had my first three-swim week in who knows how long, so I'm really happy about that. I also did a 1400m* set (short variation of one we did during IMAZ training) for the first time since March and, out of the six times I've done the set this year, had my 2nd fastest time. My measured 200m time, however, was average. 

This was my second-highest cycling month this year which is a really good thing, but I need to get a lot more miles in ...

Average running month, but, like swimming, it's been taking a while to get into a consistent rhythm. I also had my first three-run week in way too long, too. 

I've also been adding in a ton of yoga, and it's been feeling great. I can tell I neglected it for a while because when I first started adding it back into the routine, it was rough. Flexibility is coming back (what little I have), but balance ... not so much. It'll get there, I hope ...

For July, I'd just like to build on June ... including getting outside on the bike more because that will be the easiest way to build mileage. We're not doing Muncie now (booooo)(month off will do that), but I've kept the days requested off at work, so I'll have almost a week to hopefully get in a lot of good training. I've got some plans for riding that, if they pan out, will be awesome ...

* When I built back up to include this set earlier this year in February, I decided that I'd use the all-out 200m portion of it as a good gauge of where I am in the pool. Times did drop over the next two months; overall, and for the 200m. Since I'm back about to that range of swim workouts in the pool again, I decided to go for the set and was pleasantly surprised that the overall time wasn't too far off from when I last did the workout. The sprint, however ... we'll work on it.

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