Thursday, July 23, 2015

Cheering at Peak and More: Catching Up

It's really been three weeks since I've posted? Geez ... 

I've been training. I was supposed to have been racing (70.3 Muncie, July 11), but due to losing so much training with the house, we scrapped the race, unfortunately.

We rode the 105 down in Sedalia and saw a fitting sign due to the jersey I was wearing.

 photo 6-18ride_zpsevamdfi7.jpg

I participated in Bike to Work Day (and thankfully only worked a short day as there was horrible, awful flooding on the very paths I took to work) and Brandon joined me for both trips.

 photo btwd_zpslsolotjk.jpg
Mmm, pancakes.

 photo btwd2_zps5tjsbnra.jpg
Fork? I don't need no stinkin' fork!

I don't have pictures from it, but a fun little perk for being a Skirt Sports Ambassador is that I got to be one of their real woman models! None of my photos have appeared on mailings/their website yet, but if I see one, I'll post it here. Because dude.

A side perk of not driving to Indiana to race 70.3 Muncie was being able to cheer on a colleague of Brandon's, Mark, on at his first ever triathlon - Boulder Peak. For it being his first tri - and on a hard m-f'ing course, too - he pretty much rocked it.

 photo peak_zps1r42jv3t.jpg
Talking pre-race.

 photo peak2_zpsezfga8yx.jpg
Possibly my new favorite picture of Mark.

 photo peak4_zpsjsofsxg2.jpg
Artsy beach shot.

 photo peak5_zpsn9zhzvx3.jpg
All ready to go!

 photo peak6_zpsby6qztlo.jpg
And he's off!

 photo peak7_zpses1n8s6j.jpg

Swim swim swim ...

 photo peak8_zpsgcmnqmg8.jpg
And he's out of the water.

 photo peak10_zps3lvohmch.jpg
On to the bike.

 photo peak12_zpsdh74ex6n.jpg teammate Liz on the bike.

 photo peak13_zpsxrricxlg.jpg

 photo peak14_zpsinryxyxj.jpg
Done with the bike.

 photo peak16_zpswv7shzw6.jpg
"This is f'ing hard." Also: it is not normal for one's hair to look THAT good after swimming and biking ...

 photo peak17_zpssit6dvvo.jpg
Liz almost done with the run.

 photo peak18_zps0hrd16ji.jpg
Brandon running a tiny bit with Mark.

 photo peak20_zpsumhffdvs.jpg
And another triathlete has joined our ranks.

Like all of us, he thought it was horrible, hard ... and can't wait for his next one. We have plans of coercing him into doing Boulder 70.3 with us next year ...

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