Monday, June 22, 2015

Race #2 of the Season: Skirt Sports 5K

Totally meant to get to this last week, but eh.

Catching up from where we left off last post, we were up in Louisville for the race and I had just taken a group photo with my fellow Ambassadors and everyone in the KickStart group. 

After that, all the people running the 13er needed to get to the start line so Brandon and I decided to take a few minutes and get in a warm-up ... particularly because our legs needed it. About a half-mile later and a few strides, we figured we'd be okay. 

(Also sometime between getting up there and starting, we talked with the guys at the Skratch tent (Skratch was providing hydration for the race). We mentioned that we were taste agents, had some delicious lemon-lime Skratch ... and actually tried the Matcha Green Tea with Lemon. I was skeptical. Highly skeptical. I like hot green tea, but I deal with matcha at work and I hate it. Serves me right to doubt the Skratch guys though - it was good. I probably wouldn't drink it during a workout, but before or after? Now we're talking ...)

Now one thing we usually do is talk race strategy; today, we didn't do that for whatever reason. Mine was essentially the same as last year - go out as hard as I could and hang on for dear life. I knew it'd be tricky thanks to the massive hill at the turnaround, but given my lack of training, it's the best I could hope for.

Race started and off we went. I knew my legs didn't have much, but I was making them work as best as I could. The course changed slightly this year - instead of up a hill in a neighborhood and an extra out-and-back, we just went up a different, hellish hill to make the course a true out-and-back instead of an out-and-back with a deviation of an out-and-back.

I died as the race went on; legs were okay, but the lungs, they had nothing. Brandon was also trying to keep me at a more manageable, steady pace instead of my race plan (lack of communication right here) and it was making me upset in my race brain.

To top things off ... he out-sprinted me to the finish (which RARELY happens) and Nicole was on the mic and she gave me crap for it.

I crossed the line, about died, walked over to the car, and started crying. Brandon had no clue why, so once I calmed down, I explained what my race strategy was and said that we had a relationship/race fail by not talking about it.

We both had to work that afternoon, but we wanted to hang around for results. In the meantime ... cake.

All the cake.

Brandon with cake and fruit.

Eventually, the results got posted:


Final Stats:
Time: 29:49
Overall Rank: 34/122
Gender Rank: 18/92
Division Rank: 3/26 (F30-39)

Podium again, second year in a row. Brandon made it on too.

SOMEONE didn't bring his TriSports shirt for possible podium pictures so SOMEONE stretched out mine.


After that, we pretty much had to get going ... but I couldn't help but be a giant nerd after remembering I still had a chalk pen in my car and knowing who we were parked next to ...

Sorry Nicole!

I looked at the results after the race and it looked like a lot of my fellow ambassadors did well in the other races, too, getting quite a few of us on the podium. Great job, awesome Skirts!

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