Monday, June 1, 2015

May Round-Up

Holy crap, I'm on the ball for this. Hopefully this means that my life is somewhat back on track again. Hopefully. Please.

Swimming: 2700m (1.68 mi)
% to goal: 17.4%
Cycling: 53.87 mi
% to goal: 12.6%
Running: 24.28 mi
% to goal: 18.9%
Lifting: five sessions (1:18)
Other: two walks (1:45), three yoga sessions (:36), eight home improvement sessions (12:30)

Really a down month, but when you think about it, pretty much all that swimming and cycling came within the last week, week and a half of May. I've lost a good chunk of my cycling legs, which means that even though it's FINALLY nice weather here, I need to spend some of my life back on the trainer because I know that builds my legs up more than anything.

I may have found a new pool closer to home that's also 25m (yes, we're weird and have a few short course meter pools around here), but I still need to find the quiet times to use it since at 9pm on a Wednesday and 4am on a Friday were apparently busy times? Stupid.

This month was almost a complete disaster until I said screw it, I need fitness and working out back in my life and I had GOALS this year, damnit, and started forcing myself back on the bike and back in the water. Twice I tried swimming at my usual gym and had the pool closed on me. The time in between I made it in, the water was so screwy that my throat burned from the chlorine. The universe did not make it easy on me, but I persevered.

I know my mileage goals I set sometime last year for 2015 may be in jeopardy, but I still have seven months to do my damnedest to make them happen.

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