Friday, May 22, 2015

April Round-Up

I almost gave up and combined this with May ... but I don't think that would have made me feel any better.

The good news is, I think life is going to slowly start settling BACK into a routine ... which is good, because I. Am. Behind. In. Life.

Swimming: 5100m (3.17 mi)
% to goal: 16.4%
Cycling: 86.76 mi
% to goal: 11.6%
Running: 17.42 mi
% to goal: 14%
Lifting: three sessions (47:00)
Other: four walks (3:10), one yoga session (:10), five home improvement sessions (6:00)

The first part of April was half-way decent. Tucson and what it should have been fell by the wayside. Then ... house ... and those home improvement sessions (painting and stripping wallpaper and moving boxes) were logged because damnit, I was still moving doing something that was tiring me out and making me sore and it was in BeginnerTriathlete so SCREW IT.

(Realistically, I did WAY more than six hours of "home improvement," but if I think of it, I kind of want to cry. So I underestimated.)

May hasn't been going well. But I have a week left in the month, and I can start slowly working my way into a routine so I can kickstart the rest of the year and hopefully get back on track for the Year of Awesome. Because it hasn't felt so awesome in quite some time.

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