Friday, October 3, 2014

9/15-9/28: What I've Been Up To

Yeahhhh, we know I've been a bit remiss with blogging lately. As a result, I've got some workouts to catch up on!

On Wednesday, September 17, we rode into Cherry Creek State Park ... mainly so I could test out my new helmet.


At Crescent Moon, I won a free Rudy Project item (sunglasses or helmet), so I decided I'd try out a new road helmet. The chin strap is a bit bulky, but other than that, I like it okay.

A few days later on Saturday, September 20, I went on a group ride with Richard and Carlos and a few other people from Kompetitive Edge. We rode from the store up to Dinosaur Ridge, past Red Rocks, through Morrison and back to the store. It was a fun 30 mile ride.

Almost back to the store; stopped at a light.

Stoplight selfie.

September 24 we hit up what is seemingly turning out to be our monthly track session for some 200s. We successfully managed one more this time than last outing, so yay for that.

After we finished.

Finally, on September 25, also known as our third wedding anniversary, we played a little hockey. I forked out quite a bit of money for an hour of ice time so we could skate and shoot and realize how out of hockey shape we are. It was a total blast, though.

Messing around.

Kind of looking like I know what I'm doing.

Yay, fun times, right? I know y'all missed this ...

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