Tuesday, September 9, 2014

8/25-9/7- Mostly in Minnesota

Too exhausted to do much of anything yesterday; a 70.3 distance race on shit training will do that to you. So, posting schedule gets a little shifted this week ...

As I posted a bit ago, I was on vacation two weeks ago so my workouts got a little wonky. Still, I had a few that I wanted to share with you here.

Wednesday, August 28, we were up in the northern part of Minnesota to see Split Rock Lighthouse. We hiked around there and detoured to Gooseberry Falls and got even more hiking in there (I'm a sucker for waterfalls).

Upper Gooseberry Falls.

The next day, Thursday, August 28, we decided to explore some of the Twin Cities by bike. It was slow and lazy, but also a lot of fun. We parked at Steve's house on the St. Paul side, rode into St. Paul, saw the capitol building and Mickey's Dining Car and paused by the Xcel Energy Center because they have a statue of 1980 Miracle on Ice (and UofM and SCSU and the 2002 games) coach Herb Brooks outside. Which I somehow never knew about before today. Obviously we took pictures.

"Do you believe in miracles? YES!"

Bikes and Brandon dealing with work stuff.

Picture time!

From there, it was off to the Minneapolis side of things. We stopped by Brandon's old high school and then made our way over to Minnehaha Falls.


Last time I saw these, they were frozen over.

After a few minutes there, it was back on the trail to go further into Minneapolis to Marathon Sports where our friend Lindsey works. Unfortunately, we had just missed her - she saw us while on the bus - so we grabbed a snack at Bruegger's and then headed back to the car. We had hoped to do a bit more riding, but the stops made the ride take a bit longer than planned, we had a lot more stuff to do that day and the rain clouds were rolling in.

So, we headed back to Steve's house, shared with him some root beer and baked goods and then topped off the adventure with some delicious ice cream.

The next week was fairly uneventful, but on Thursday, September 4, we met up with our friend Richard so I could get some open water swim help before my next race. We met at Bear Creek out in Morrison - a place neither of us had ever swam at, but we'll definitely be going back to.

Richard found that I had some inefficiencies in my stroke, making me take more strokes than needed and thus tiring me out quicker. So, I was taught essentially to slow things down - make myself more efficient - which will, in turn, speed me up in the long run. I was also given a few drills - some to help slow down my stroke and some for easier sighting. I made some slow improvement in the short lesson, so hopefully things would pay off for me come race day. 

Which is a good place to leave, as that'll be my next post this week ...

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