Friday, August 17, 2012

July Round-Up

I am quite behind in blogging, but I'm also quite behind in uploading photos, so that's half the reason why. I need to do my photo/sherpa report from Brandon's tri as well as my Tri for the Cure race recap (huge race PR). But first things first before it gets to the end of this month: the July recap.

As always, numbers first:

Running: 30.78 mi
Swimming: 5677.44m (3.53 mi)
Cycling: 66.94 mi
Lifting: two sessions
Other: "target practice" on BeginnerTriathlete (shootin')

This was my largest month running, so that's a good thing. Everything else kind of turned into a fail, though, and it started with my birthday. My birthday, the 5th, for a myriad of reasons, was a disaster as well as the whole week, really. Which really wasn't all that good given that Boulder Peak always falls the subsquent weekend.

Therefore, in some respects, that disastrous week helped with taper ... I guess ... as the race didn't go all that badly, but the problem was the rest of the month wasn't all that good either, with lots of stretches of time off.

I think the issue was lack of focus, lack of fun. Last year, we had one specific race to train for as well as a training plan (a loose training plan mind you, but we had structure nonetheless). This year, we've had no structure. We've also had a lack of fun in life and training. Maybe it was the tight budget thanks to my stupid bike crash and the subsequent bills. Whatever it was, we realized we weren't having fun at all and summer is supposed to be about fun.

Therefore, in August, we've decided to make our workout focus run-heavy (still hoping to do Rock 'N Roll Denver half-mar ... though costs haven't lined up yet) with some decent bike/swim cross-training and I really want to get back into regular strength work. However, we've also decided to have fun - enjoy the last of summer, enjoy the start of fall and not feel so bad if we push a workout to the side so we can just enjoy each other.

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