Monday, June 11, 2012

May Round-Up

Hey, I said I'd be back with this today, and I am. Crazy, I know.

Anyway, May. May was ... okay. It involved me truly finally getting back on track after the accident with the exception of a stretch between the 20th and 24th ... when all I did was log a good three and a half hours of walking in Las Vegas due to dealing with first, computer crap and second, a micro-vacation. However, it also saw me somehow PRing in the BolderBOULDER.

More thoughts after the numbers!

Running: 28.02 mi
Swimming: 4.04 mi
Cycling: 70.11 mi
Lifting: seven sessions
Other: the aforementioned walking, one stint of yoga

All the numbers went up from April. I'm still on track for swimming and cycling's slowly starting to come along (although I seriously need to start ramping that up) but running ... running is not. I'm so thankful I'm getting faster even though I haven't been able to muster up the strength/motivation/whathaveyou to run more and longer. It may be a mental thing due to not having my typical run routes (from the new place, I have a 2.39, 3.48 and 5.36 mile loop. from the old place, i had anywhere from a 1.36 to 12.something mile loop). I know I can create longer loops, but there's some mental block going on that I seriously need to get over. Look for that to hopefully have been conquered in the June round-up blog. *crosses fingers*

The plus side is, even with my perceived merely adequate training, I'm still averaging over four hours a week in training which isn't too shabby now for the sprint I'm doing this weekend. For the Oly in a few weeks? That's going to have to change.

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