Tuesday, June 12, 2012

May Recap

I've been lazy on the blogging front, and I vow to change that in June.  Of course, it's already June 12th, but I digress...

May was a somewhat bigger month.  In addition to a race-specific P.R. (the Rockies Home Run for the Homeless) and a 10K P.R. (BolderBoulder) I put in some great miles on the bike.  I'm also more consistent in lifting.  My swimming went down for some reason, but that is not a huge concern right now.

Anyway, let's go to the tape/numbers:

Swim - 3,550 meters (2.2 miles)
Bike - 95.4 miles
Run - 35.74 miles

In addition to this, I lifted for nearly 3 hours in May and did quite a bit of walking as well.  The biggest thing for me, in terms of improvement though, isn't necessarily in the numbers.  It's in my mind.  Mentally, I've been able to push myself through some very challenging workouts.  I'm forcing myself to dig deep and push myself.  My friend Tim, who is a 3:50 marathoner, has told me it sounds like I'm embracing the pain rather than running from it.  I'm inclined to agree.

Anyway, June holds my first tri of the season.  Look for more posts from me this month too.  I have some fun stuff I want to talk about. :-)

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