Sunday, February 12, 2012

January Round-Up

As I posted earlier this year, I have lofty goals for 2012. Lofty goals, that I know I will still achieve.

I say "will still achieve," because January, by the numbers, wasn't a great month. It was good in some respects, but I'll get to that later. First off, numbers!

Running: 13.17 mi
Swimming: 1.37 mi
Cycling: 39.35 mi
Lifting: three sessions
Other: three yoga sessions, one snowshoeing.

I haven't done even close to the weekly mileage that I wrote down for my goal executions, but there were still a lot of positives from January, even with the low mileage.

- I got sick. Instead of working out while ill (even with low intensity), I decided to just take time off instead. While that put me out of commission, my sickness didn't get delayed into weeks on end ... like last year. Was I overly cautious? Perhaps ... but I don't want a repeat from last year. So far, so good.
- A mild January meant a lot of outside miles. All of my rides that month were outside.
- I also was on the bike at least once a week - one of my goals for the offseason.
- Plus, the time on the bike made me actually hit one of my cycling goals - average (at least) 16.5mph at every in-season race. While not in-season, my averages for the two (short) bike legs were 17.54 and 17.05 mph. I'll take that.
- It took a little while to get motivated, but I've finally started getting in some pool time.
- A good chunk of my runs have been with the Saturday morning group at Boulder Running Company-DTC - something I've enjoyed a lot.
- My lifts have been very core-intensive, which is something I wanted to do in the offseason.

In conclusion, I think that my distance goals of 500mi running, 800mi cycling and 60mi swimming are still very attainable ... especially because my training will get amped up once I've actually, you know, registered for races.

Not a crazy month, but a decent month for the offseason.

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