Wednesday, May 4, 2011

April Round Up

You all know I didn't do a March round up for obvious reasons; there wasn't anything to round up. April, the way it started out, was looking to be about the same. Yet even though we were still fighting off massive illness at the beginning of the month, we salvaged it and did alright.

My totals are as follows:

Swim - .68 miles. Swimming was obviously neglected
Cycling (outside) - 56.93 miles. Not too shabby. :-)
Running - 19.89 miles. I'll take it, honestly.
Lifting - 4 sessions
Cycling (trainer) - 3 sessions

Honestly, given that I was sick a lot of April and still getting readjusted to working out consistently, my April wasn't too bad. May will be even better, so long as I can stay awake for it!

Thanks for all your support, everyone, in our journey. :-)

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