Tuesday, July 6, 2010

June Round-Up

So, remember back last month when I wrote the following:

"Anyway, June is a new month and even though it hasn't started well due to work exhaustion, I know that I'll be able to kick May's ass at some point ... which will be impressive given May's numbers"?

Ha. Right.

June, in a word, sucked. Let me count the ways how ...

* ONE, only ONE two-a-day.
* My streak of running at least once a week, that had been going on for just over a year ... got broken. I managed about a mile in the middle of the freezing winter this year ... and my streak died. Pissed me right off, too.
* Work stress, compounded with Brandon being gone and a whole bunch of other stuff resulted in me going through a depressive phase ... which means no motivation to work out or do much other than dick around on the computer while on the futon.
* Open water swimming completely demoralized me ... and made me realize that my beautiful wetsuit is pointless until I learn to properly master the crawl.

If you look through the workout logs, you'll notice only 11 days off. HOWEVER, there were quite a few workouts that were craptasticly awful. Take, for instance, our first open water swim of the year. I managed one lap on the course (so 200 yds) and called it quits. A workout? Technically ... but a crappy one.

That being said, I'm going to try and see if I can find any perks to June ...

* Despite what was said above, we did get in a few open water swims which will definitely serve us well later on ... especially because we've continued to do so.
* I got in a sprint workout for the first time in forever.
* My body got a lot of rest which will hopefully serve me well later this year.

I'm clinging to that last point as my only justification with being okay that my month went to hell. Maybe we pushed it too hard in May; maybe I was just lazy. Maybe both. In any case ... I can't let myself have another month like that for the rest of the year.

Anyway, onward to numbers!

Running: 17.92 miles (average went down about three seconds/mile)(smallest mileage month this year)
Swimming: 2.01 miles (average went up about two minutes/mile)(damn ows's)
Cycling: 56.39 miles (average went down a whole mph)
Lifting: two sessions (*siiiiiiiiigh*)
Other: one yoga session, two softball games, one sprint workout

July isn't off to the greatest start, but I do have a neighborhood 5K PR so far (blog post forthcoming once i upload photos) and my best open water swim yet.

July just has to be better than June. That's all I'm hoping for.

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