Tuesday, July 6, 2010

June Recap

June... it was interesting...

June began as a kind of perfect storm. And in perfect storm, I mean in the negative way. I was getting ready to begin a sim time that was completely unorthodox for me (10 pm to 2 am) and both T and I were still coming off our high of finishing the BolderBoulder. Take that into play and you have kind of a recipe for disaster.

Which June sort of was...

I take a look at my monthly totals, and they are, to say the least, embarrassing. I knew my running total would be down because of a knee issue I was working through and because it was very difficult to run in St. Louis. My swimming was down just based on logistics. The one bright side was my cycling. My cycling increased from the previous month, and I feel like it is coming together nicely. I also did a lot of yoga early in the month.

So, the totals are:

9 runs
4 swims
4 cycles
3 yoga
2 lift
1 recumbent bike

Yeah, as I said...not too impressive. Going into my workout log though, and looking at the days I took off, it's pretty consistent that sheer exhaustion is the reason for the off days. Be it from taking a red eye to get to work, being up until 4 am in the simulator, or just general exhaustion. I read my workout log and it's not like I missed any workouts for any other reason. In case you're wondering, there were 10 days that I didn't work out. Unacceptable, I know.

As I mentioned in a previous post though, I feel like everything triathlon is coming together. I feel very confident heading into this weekend where we will open up our multi-sport season. I'm guessing the hard work of April and May didn't let June drag me down too much, and in all honesty, it's not like June was a complete throwaway.

July needs to be better though, and there is no doubt in my mind about that. Since we ran the Lone Tree 5K and finally cracked 30:00 in that damn race, my running motivation is back and happy. Plus I'm sitting reserve in Denver this week and not some far off locale, so I have the potential to get a lot of working out in, which is good leading up to my tri.

That's it for now...like I said...I know it wasn't a good month, but not horrible.


  1. Being a young man, you still have plenty of time to get up to speed.
    I'm still proud of how you have dealt with the difficult year you and T have had to face.

    This is off topic, but a couple of days ago while I was leaving the airport, a regional jet passed about 100 feet over my car as it was on very very short final. I loved the sight and the roar, and thought to myself, Brandon is doing that now :-)

  2. you know Dr. J, I think the biggest test in this whole entire mess is how you bounce back. I know it's the old classic cliche, the it's not whether you fall down, but if you get back up, but in certain cases, it does apply. And for me, in the case of June, it certainly does.

    Hehe, I'll wave next time I'm in Florida. :-)