Wednesday, August 2, 2017

July Round-Up

I always plan a big month and then I don't follow through or ... something.

Swimming: 15600m (9.7 mi)
Cycling: 164.55 mi
Running: 24.8 mi
Lifting: 17 sessions (3:32)
Other: five hikes (11:45:05), one stretch session (:05), three walks (2:30), two yoga sessions (:40)

There were a couple good things about this month. I swam a fairly significant amount more and I did ride more. I also hiked a hell of a lot more. Running was about stagnant ... because running and I are not getting along. If I'm honest with myself, we haven't been getting along for about two years now.

I didn't get as long or as tough of rides in as I wanted and I didn't get quite as far in the pool, but I did get in some decent distance. Strength is continuing on and I am thankful for it.

We didn't get as high up on the Barr Trail as I would have liked (Pikes Peak Ascent route), but that is on the docket for August. 

I'm probably not as prepared as I would like to be as I head into camp this weekend, but I did what I did and that is going to have to be enough.

In theory, August will bring good things - camp is going to help tremendously with that with mileage alone - plus we'll be building up for Santa Cruz. It's the rest of the year that's going to be interesting ...

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