Friday, July 7, 2017

June Round-Up

In terms of numbers, June was definitely a better month.

Swimming: 10900m (6.77 mi)
Cycling: 155.8 mi
Running: 25.22 mi
Lifting: 17 sessions (4:00)
Other: two hikes (1:45), three walks (6:20), two yoga sessions (:39)

Numbers were up across the board in terms of the three main triathlon disciplines, but I know I skipped too many workouts. Which sucks.

I'm swimming longer, which is nice, but not nearly as often as I've planned. This is mostly due to our usual pool being under construction (a good thing! it's so gross!) ... which means we have to drive at least 25 minutes (with traffic, sometimes more) to our old pool. Which is obnoxious. And I don't know the good times to swim anymore. Boo. I've used this as an excuse more often than I should have.

I annoyed Katie until she agreed to drag me up a hill on my bike - which she did! - which meant that I did more climbing than I have at one time in about three years and was my longest ride by, oh, 20 miles or so, since Chattanooga. That climb, by the way, was made marginally less shitty thanks to borrowing one of her spare rear wheels with an 11/28 configuration. LIFE CHANGER. I've been riding a 12/25 since buying the bike. As a result, we just dropped some coin to get some better climbing gears.

I'm fighting the run. I know I am. It's a mental thing - I am so convinced it's a mental thing - but that block is the hardest to get rid of.

Hiking has not been as plentiful as it needs to be. We had a long one planned for the end of June ... but it being balls hot and waking up three times in the middle of the night? One of those times for an hour? Does not leave you well rested enough to drive an hour to go hike three. Then drive back the hour.

I've still been sticking fairly regularly to the TIU daily workouts, and I do think they're helping. Consistent strength work - even if it's way lighter weight than I'm used to - is better than sporadic or no strength work.

July is scheduled to kick my ass (so I can kick camp's ass in August), so wish me luck!

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