Wednesday, June 7, 2017

May Round-Up

May ... was an improvement. In some respects.

Swimming: 7900m (4.91 mi)
Cycling: 42.05 mi
Running: 24.36 mi
Lifting: 16 sessions (4:22)
Other: one curling session (1:30), one hike (1:00), one rowing session (:10), one softball session (:20), five walks (12:50), four yoga sessions (1:07)

There were a few positives with this month - more swimming, more running, getting on the trails (some of those runs were trail runs!), more strength, more diversity. There was also some bad - little cycling, some inconsistencies.

I swam more than I have the past two months combined, but I know I need to swim more. And I'm starting to.

The bike ... has been a struggle. A huge struggle. Hopefully I can start getting over whatever mental block I've got there and just. freaking. ride.

I'm also struggling a bit with the run, but I'm trying. I'm trying to figure out what's going on and I think I've muddled through a few things. I've learned some things regarding Pikes Peak - mainly that I need to get more hike training than run training - so we'll see how that goes this month. Hopefully solid numbers, but hopefully a LOT of hiking as well.

The thing that probably stands out the most from the above list is the strength - sixteen sessions! Crazy, I know. A few people I know have started the Tone It Up Bikini Series. I learned about it a bit too late (and don't really want to completely get into the food part of it), but I did learn that there's a daily workout on the site. There's some cardio (which I generally ignore due to all the stuff I do on a regular basis), but there's also usually a daily lift. So I've been doing that. It's not much - usually only around 15 minutes a day - but it's manageable, which is what I think I need right now. I can also do it at home in my basement, which makes it even better.

Cross your fingers with me that June will be better - and except for the bike, so far, it has been. Also send vibes into the universe to make sure I swim, as my usual pool is going to be closed from the 10th through July 17th. Which sucks, yes, but the wet area is SO GROSS that I'm thankful this is happening. Because ew.

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