Wednesday, May 3, 2017

April Round-Up

Ugh, April. You weren't much better than March. In fact, you might have been worse ...

Swimming: 3000m (1.86 mi)
Cycling: 45.25 mi
Running: 10.52 mi
Lifting: six sessions (3:06)
Other: two hikes (1:00), one session plyometrics (:25), one walk (1:00), four yoga sessions (:49)

I tried resetting for April, but clearly it didn't really work. The early part of the month was tentative, but successful-ish. I look back at the month and I didn't have too terribly many off days, but I didn't do a lot of triathlon-related stuff. I also had a few very rough days emotionally (Dad in the hospital for major surgery will do that ...), which didn't help.

I am trying to be more positive, though, so here are a few things I can positively take away from April:

- I raced again. Sometimes, a little thing like that can get me going. The Sneak wasn't my fastest 5K, but it certainly wasn't my slowest and even though it was (given my history) a fairly mediocre time, it was probably one of my best executed races. I'll put it this way - I haven't been that sore after a 5K in a really, really long time.

- I've started hiking. With Pikes Peak Ascent in August, I'm not only going to need to start trail running (which I also did a tiny bit), but I'm also going to need to hike to get used to that. I've started that process.

- May is still planned out. I haven't totally given up. In theory, Santa Cruz training starts the 22nd. I probably won't be following the plan to the letter, but I have it as a guideline/baseline to where I should be.

- I signed up for SMASH camp. Yep. Early August will see me back in Tucson SMASHING it with Hillary Biscay, Alyssa Godesky, and a lot of my other TeamSFQ teamies. I already know the loose schedule, which includes a crazy ass swim (at least 50x100), climbing up and over Gates Pass, climbing Mt. Lemmon, trail running, and some track work. This camp? TERRIFIES me. Which is probably a good thing, because if nothing else will motivate me to get my ass in gear, this will.

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