Wednesday, March 1, 2017

WRtW February Event

Was going to post the Chilly Cheeks recap, but I didn't want to let this get pushed to mid-March. So you'll get that next week.

WRtW = Women Run the World, as a reminder.

Also known as Second Tuesdays at Skirt Sports, even though this event was on a Thursday because the second Tuesday this month? Was Valentine's Day. 

Anyway, we heard from three speakers again as well as got to enjoy cake, thanks to it being Nicole DeBoom's birthday the next day. Mmm, cake. Besides their story, each speaker also shared three important things/pieces of advice.

The first speaker was Kara Berryman Burns, founder of ReSTART Denver and a former addict. Kara's path started when she was younger, becoming addicted to alcohol and then dropping out of school. She then became addicted to meth, got pregnant, got arrested, had her daughter and managed to get clean, but relapsed (if your core belief is still that you're not good enough, you won't succeed) and was indicted. A judge during one of her sentencing trials was a bit lenient, believing in her, and that belief was the catalyst in Kara starting to believe in herself, and also to listen to the voice in her heart - NOT the one in her head.

She shared three reminders for all of us:

- There aren't any mistakes, just opportunities to learn.
- Don't listen to the negativity.
- Everything worth fighting for is hard work.

The second speaker was Karen Peterson, who shared her story of using trail running to fight depression and anxiety. Her talk was a little wandering and not too coherent, but her story is basically that she started running as a response to bullying. Therapy wasn't working - she could talk and talk, but wasn't getting any change/it wasn't leading to any change. A lot of what she mentioned with depression and anxiety did resonate, though - don't we all wish we were the person we are on Facebook/social media? And we have an awesome life, so it makes no sense to have a sense of worthlessness overtake us (and yet it DOES).

Her three things were ways to connect trail running to feel more hopeful:

- Mindfulness (you can't space out on the trail or you're going to fall).
- You have to keep moving forward (which can mean playing the, "what feels good game." I connected with this with Ironman; okay, what doesn't hurt right now? My ears? Awesome. Go ears!).
- Gravity is tough (if you can imagine yourself floating, if you can think of yourself as being lighter ... you will be).

The final speaker was Dr. James Rouse, founder of Healthy Skoop, a plant-based nutrition company (primarily protein-type powders). Honestly, he was my least favorite of the speakers this month, probably because he got a little political (... Boulder ...). In any case, he talked about hope and how catalysts for hope are the most powerful organizations because people follow hope, and how delusional optimism is a fabulous form of hope. He also came from four generations of alcoholics, but saw Jack LaLanne on TV and thought he was the greatest thing (all motion creates positive emotion). So, we should move our bodies and be pollinators of hope, and that self-care and self-love really is a form of social activism.

His three points were:

- Let yourself connect with the good right before your eyes (ask yourself, what would love do now?).
- Give yourself a digital sunset (make your sleep awesome).
- Sleep naked (you will fight aging when you sleep and you will have better dreams).

Plus, you know, Kim and Jake's.


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