Monday, October 3, 2016

September Round-Up

I know I have two race recaps to write up as well, but I just want to go ahead and get this out of the way ...

September was a rough, rough month ... read on ...

Swimming: 6523.97m (4.05 mi)
Cycling: 102.37 mi
Running: 20.16 mi
Lifting: two sessions (:09)
Other: two stretch sessions (:22), one walk (2:30), one "agility" sesson (1:30)

Firstly, that "agility" session? Was crawling through tunnels of awesomeness and stairs and kind of American Ninja stuff at the City Museum in St. Louis, Mo. Think adult playground. Kind of. Although it's not just for adults. Scampered around for at least 90 minutes and my quads were still killing me three days later.

September was a mix of trying to get back into training, then taper, and then the offseason. Mixed in there was a successful sprint triathlon and my first DNF at the Ironman distance (more to come on that later). It certainly wasn't a great month of training, but it definitely wasn't my worst, either. 

The best part of the rest of the year is that tri season is OVER and I can get back into the gym to lift and I can swim, bike, and run because I WANT to, not necessarily because I NEED to. 

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