Tuesday, November 3, 2015

October Round-Up

Oh hey look, another month.

This month started shittily, with the Silverman DNF, but as Brandon alluded to below, it's been nothing but focus since then. It hasn't been anything crazy, but we're mainly (or at least I'm mainly) focused on consistency. Spoiler: it's paid off.

Swimming: 18,200m (11.3 mi)
% to goal: 40.7%
Cycling: 150.77 mi
% to goal: 29%
Running: 34.95 mi
% to goal: 50.4%
Lifting: seven sessions (2:50)
Other: one walk (2:00), six yoga sessions (2:34)

This was my biggest swimming month by far this year, and that is thanks to simply consistency. Since Silverman, I haven't swum all that far (longest I built up to was 1500m), but I swam often. Four, five times a week, at least 1000m at a time. It adds up. I'm also slowly building distance and would like to be around 2400m by the end of 2015.

After August, this was also my biggest running month - also just thanks to consistency and getting out there. I'd like to build up to about eight miles - be able to run five fairly easily and have long runs of about eight - over the winter. I was thinking a bit further, but if it's as bad of a winter as they're saying ... I don't want to get too crazy in case I have to make the treadmill my life.

The bike was a little disappointing, but I'm also having some fit/comfort issues on the trainer. I'm slowly working through them (I also may need to finally pitch some ancient cycling shorts of mine ...) as I don't want to get a new fit until 2016. However, I have a grand plan for November's mileage - Turbovember. Basically, it's a commitment to get on the trainer (turbo trainer in some parts of the world) every day in November. I'm amending it to getting on my bike every day in November, for two reasons: one, if it's nice out, I'd like to get my ass outside; and two, I have the goal of getting an outside ride in at least once every month this year. So thirty days in November; hopefully thirty rides.

I'm also working on recommitting to building a base and staying healthy, which means more strength and more yoga - ideally at least twice a week for both things, hopefully more.

So. October - started out bad, ended up okay. November - rough start so far (oh god send sleep), but even though I've been exhausted as hell, I have my two days of trainer work in thus far.

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