Friday, August 21, 2015

Bare Wood, Part 2

About a month ago, I talked to you about stripping my running down to "bare wood".  It was time to return to the basics.  No Garmin, no worrying about time/pace.  

At first, it was easier said than done.  I was stressing out about my times, and more importantly, just didn't want to get out.  On the day of IM Boulder, both T and I had a rough run and decided to forgo our bike ride for the day.  We had a Come to Jesus moment that morning, and I decided to do something that I hadn't thought about doing.  I put on my old Mizunos that I have as a backup pair, and wore those to volunteering.  I decided that as of that day, I would wear those for running until I found a new pair of shoes to run in.

Every time I put on these Mizuno Wave Rider 16's, it's like putting on an old robe, or a really comfortable pair of slippers.  Wave Rider 16's propelled me to my Ironman finish.  I had two other pairs of 16's, and both were retired with dignity.  These current Mizuno's that I have are helping me discover my love of running.

I might be running slow right now, but I am regaining distance that I have forgone for months.  I'm running every other day consistently.  I'm building and it feels good.  I'm encouraged.  And optimistic.

Stripping it down to "bare wood" was the best thing I could have done.

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