Friday, September 7, 2012

August Round-Up

I think with this post I'll be officially caught up on blog posts ... woo hoo! And with good timing, too; Team Baby Dino is off on their very delayed honeymoon/first anniversary trip to Paris and London in four days! That's right; Tuesday (after a long run) will see us off to the airport to begin our journey across the pond for 10 days of food, being a tourist, taking lots of pictures ... and running once or twice for the half-marathon we're doing two days after we get back.

But first, August numbers:

Running: 28.48 mi
Swimming: 4865.76m (3.02 mi)
Cycling: 113.65 mi
Lifting: five sessions
Other: just some walking

Although I posted on a speedy swim I had in August, swimming was generally a struggle. I'd get in the pool, attempt to swim, and give up after 800m. I'd get that dang half-mile in, but it was rough getting there.

Cycling numbers ended up being good due to a few things:

1.) Bike commuting. I was able to ride my bike to and from work quite a bit and that's just shy of 9 miles each time.
2.) Long(ish) rides. I did two thirty mile rides; one with Brandon revisiting the Platte and one by myself downtown to go see the USA Pro Cycling Challenge.

Running ... was both good and bad. I'm not happy that the numbers still stink. However, I am glad that I've been getting in some long runs to prepare for that silly half-marathon at the end of the month that we just signed up for yesterday.

September's numbers are going to be interesting just for the sheer fact that we're going to be out of the country for half the month. I plan on getting in two longer runs before we leave - 10 or 12 tomorrow with the group at BRC-DTC and then 5-8 Tuesday morning before we leave ... as well as two swims and one ride.

While in Europe, we're hoping to run at least once, preferably twice and ideally three times ... but we're going to be realistic about it, too. We're going to walk a TON which will help some and I'm probably going to try to sneak in some strength work when I can. Swimming won't happen, but if they have B-Cycles (community rental cycles) and it's not perpetually raining, we're hoping to rent out those, too.

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  1. That trip sounds fabulous! I have been to both places! If I stopped there it would sound great. However, not like you guys will do it!! I did a six hour tour of London during a layover, which was fun, and I spent six hours in Paris at the airport waiting for a flight :-( Maybe one day I'll return and you can tell me what to do!