Tuesday, July 3, 2012

June Round-Up

I have thoughts I want to blog about, but first things first: the June recap post.

June ... was kind of disappointing, in some ways. First things first though, numbers:

Running: 25.44 mi
Swimming: 5.26 mi
Cycling: 104.06 mi
Lifting: eight sessions
Other: one yoga, two sessions of Wii Fit, one afternoon of tossing a softball around

I swam more than May and I got in the open water ... although it's been kind of disastrous. I also got 100 miles in on the bike, so wooooo to that. Running though ... dang running.

I've been trying to figure out the running thing. The vast majority of my runs have been fairly short and taken place on Tuesday nights (Boulder Running Company-Denver Tech Center, my running store, does Tuesday night pub runs - a three mile run from the store, then beer and brats for free after! Going after I finish this ... but I get tacos, not brats tonight). Which is good, but short, fun, social runs don't do me much good in terms of training.

There's also been the whole heat thing. I don't "do" heat. Yes, I'm very, extremely thankful I don't have to deal with humidity, too (ugh ... *shudder*), but it's simply not that safe to run in 100+ degree temps. Plus I've been working a LOT lately and I work very early mornings (latest I typically go in is 6:30; more realistically, 4:15-5:30am) so I can't really run before work since I don't get enough sleep as it is.

Brandon and I tried to get in a long run Sunday - had to cut it super short due to the heat and the fact that we killed half our hydration within two miles. Yeeah. Not good.

Of course, we could treadmill it, but I'd rather chew off my own arm. Seriously.

I have a few more related thoughts attached to this whole running thing, but I'll share those a bit later this week.

In any case, June also had our first triathlon of the season, which went ... okay. Clicky the link if you want more thoughts on that.

This post is rambly. And I'm not quite coherent. But in closing, crappy running in June made me feel like the whole month was crappy, and the hubby and I both plan on July being better. Much, much better. Hopefully nature will cooperate.

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