Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April Round-Up

(first off, crazy new blogger format! hopefully this is more user-friendly ...)

Anyway, I ended March's recap saying that I was happy with the progress and hoped that April would bring more.

Well, it kind of didn't. Obviously most of that is due to my bike crash, which put me out of commission for about two weeks. Oops. But, the good news is, I got back on track by the end of the month and finished strongly, with a new 5 mile race PR and a wonderful ride to the Rockies game (post forthcoming).

In any case though, here are the numbers:

Running: 20.71 mi
Swimming: 3.23 mi
Cycling: 35.77 mi
Lifting: five sessions
Other: a whole lot of walking, 10 minutes on the recumbent bike

As you can see, a down month compared to March. But hey, I got injured, and I'm working on coming back from that injury stronger than ever (which, so far, is working out).

The main downside to said injury is the associated costs that come along with it (radiology bill due to my multiple x-rays and ct scans, anyone?) that make it slightly harder to sign up for races before they sell out. First things first: Rockies 5K. Then BolderBOULDER. Then 5430 Sprint, Boulder Peak and Tri for the Cure. And RnR Denver Half. And ... ugh. Stupid racing costing stupid amounts of stupid money.

In any case, May is off to a good start already, just two days in. The goal for me this month is to continue to get my base back, lift a crapton (it's helping me out, I can tell) and RUN. I'm on pace for my swim goals and the bike goal will get there easily enough, but I need to log the miles ... particularly if I still hope to crack 60:00 in BB10K this year. Which I should be able to do, if the Sneak is a sign of things to come ...

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