Wednesday, October 12, 2011

September Round-Up

September was a down month in terms of working out. A really down month. But there was a good reason for that ...


So yeah, wedding planning took up pretty much the ENTIRE month, but this was just a case of life getting in the way. Which is evident in the craptastic numbers:

Running: 3.11 mi (average went down three minutes/mile)
Swimming: .47 mi (average went up 10 minutes/mile)
Cycling (outside): 29.48 mi (average went up about one mph)
Cycling (inside): 0 mi (poo on skippy)
Lifting: 0 sessions
Other: two hikes

The run average is skewed due to a great tri run. The swim average is skewed thanks to an ass-long run to transition. We actually got on our bikes two other times other than the tri, so that was good. No lifting was bad ... and the hikes? One was to see my brother get married and the other was on the mini honeymoon.

So yes, crappy, but I'll take the exchange of crappy training for a good wedding. :)

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  1. You know, for a while now I have noticed that when people evaluate athletes they seem to either say they have potential or are has-beens! I suggest you live in the moment and actualize your potential before the has-been tag gets pinned on you.