Friday, April 22, 2011

The Makeovers of Bob and Melon

So ... three weeks ago now, we were back in Minnesota for the Frozen Four. Officially there to watch (and work, in my case) the games and unofficially to get Bob and Melon* (Brandon's bike) fit to us and fit with aeros.

We rolled into town Sunday night but bike time was Tuesday. So, that morning, we woke up and drove over to Gear West (which came highly recommended by many) right as they opened. Since it was slow, we were both able to get our fits done at essentially the same time by the awesome David (actually pro triathlete DKT. look him up.). Both of us needed tweaks, we both got aeros and I ended up needing a new seat stem. Brandon took more pictures than I, but here is what I ended up with:

Gear West Bike Fitting
Bikes in the car before being forever changed.

Gear West Bike Fitting
Brandon and Melon with the new aeros.

Gear West Bike Fitting
Bob being fit with aeros.

Gear West Bike Fitting
Trying out Bob.

Gear West Bike Fitting
All fit to Bob!

We got to test out the bikes on an actual ride with our friends Kris and Mark the next day which was awesome. We also learned that actually riding in aero can be a little scary - we were, as Mark said, "hobbly-wobbly." Something that we'll need to work on, I'm sure ...

4.6.2011 Ride
The four of us after our ride.

* Bob is my bike ... officially B.O.B. for Bucket O' Bolts. Melon is Brandon's ... got dubbed that way because of me. The new handlebar tape he put on was called "melon bubble" so, um, yeah. Bob and Melon.

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