Friday, December 3, 2010

November Round-Up

November's theme was "stay the course." Therefore, the question is asked ... did I?

I would say ... I guess so. I adhered to the half-mar training plan I set out (... mostly ... cut down the mileage of the "long" run the last two weeks a little). So in terms of running, yes, yes I did. My cross-training, however, was a gigantic pile of FAIL. EPIC fail.

Don't believe me? Here, I'll show you:

Running: 65.7 miles (average went down about 15 seconds/mile)
Swimming: negatory. (average, therefore, stayed the same)
Cycling: 5.27 miles (outside. average went up .6 mph, but does that really count?)(also did one session on the stationary)
Lifting: five sessions
Other: yoga times two.

So yes, I ran and ran quite a bit (obviously), but everything and I mean EVERYTHING else was a disappointment. Tallying up the off days, I also took one-third of the month off. Hopefully this means I'll kick ass in Vegas this Sunday.

It definitely means I'm really looking forward to relaxing a little bit throughout the rest of the month. Mentally, part of me doesn't want to take the relaxation break because I've kind of enjoyed not gaining my hockey season fluff (as the sidebar says, i moonlight as a college hockey journalist and all that time in press boxes/traveling to games leaves not a lot of time/options for healthy food options). Still, the other part of me mentally knows I need this, to be reenergized going into next year ... as the training will only get harder.

I'm also hoping that the trainer we are planning to soon purchase will be a fun! shiny! new! toy that will help keep us motivated ... at least through the end of December. ;)

Oh, as for December's theme? Well ... I don't think we've come up with the official theme for the post-race part of the month. May post that later.

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